Montreal Wedding Photographer

Welcome! In Blueberry Studio we are very passionate about wedding photography – we love to photograph people with all their emotions and we know that the best pictures can be taken only if the photographer is invisible. This passion and knowledge allows us to be the part of your wedding day without any risk that you or any of your guests will be forced to smile or do anything else before we take a picture of that person.

Our professionalism and dedication as Montreal wedding photographers resulted in choosing us as one of TOP 25 Most Inspiring Photographers for 2013 – we're very proud of this award and surely we will work hard to receive it also the next year!

Because quality is one of the most important things for us, you can be sure that the pictures taken by us at your wedding will be great „memory enhancers” for you, your family and friends for many, many years. Seeing the unseen beauty in the surrounding world and people is a talent shared by all our photographers – that's why every picture taken by us is full of emotions and tells some story.

We specialize in wedding photography in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, but if you would like to invite us to your wedding to another city or place, don't be afraid to contact us – we love to travel! Feel also free to contact us if you need some other photo services: we are known as wedding photographers from Montreal, but we do all kinds of photo sessions.

In case you have any questions or would like to receive our pricing list, please use the contact form available on the website – we will be more than happy to answer!